Monday, September 3, 2012

Chapter 1.4 -- Childhood

Kieran and Rune soon follow their sisters into childhood as Parris becomes a toddler. Kieran still doesn't talk too much as a kid, only when he needs something or pokes fun at his siblings.

He and Rune are not close at all. Kieran made sure of that from day one, making his twin's life a living hell whenever he's around.

Peace only comes at night, where the two share a bunkbed in the redone nursery. Parris' crib is still in their room, but they don't mind (too much).

The household gets a new computer which Rune claims as her own immediately. She begins to weave her own stories and uses the computer to 'write' them down.

Kieran becomes annoyed at the presence of his little sister sharing the same room, and lets it known to his parents. They ignore his complaints as that's all they ever hear these days.

Now an executive chef (9), Byron has gained a bit of celebrity status and is invited to parties across the city. He doesn't take his status seriously, making goofy poses whenever someone takes his picture.

The girls could care less about their father's status, they only care about the amazing waffles he cooks them every morning!

They try to include Rune in their games whenever they can. Kieran can be just as rude to them, but they're older and can handle it better.

Even on their teen birthday, Kieran goes out of his way to be mean to his siblings.

Each of the girls makes a wish and blows out their candles. Tailyn knows exactly what she wants and makes her wish quick.

Abella isn't as sure, and takes a bit longer to think carefully. Kieran stands behind her, pretending to be excited while his parents are watching.

The girls grow up beautifully, Abella taking on an artsy image, highlighting her hair pink while Tailyn chooses a more chick look. They have time for a slice of cake before booking it to high school.

The pair is a tad bit nervous in regards to the changes high school could bring and make an oath to always stick together. Taking one last glance at their home, the two share a wary smile and signal to the bus driver that they're ready to go.


  1. Abella and Tailyn are both gorgeous!
    And Kieran is a little jerk. There,I said it, lol. But, very realistic for the lone boy in a house full of sisters.

  2. TAILYN. O_O I want her. I want her now. Okay, I'll wait til she's YA but... WOW.

    I like Kieran. He's a jerk but its cute.

  3. Your family is very cute. =)

    I hope the boy's attitude improves once he's older.