Monday, September 3, 2012

Chapter 1.3 -- Girl Time

Parris Summit is born after a quick labor and Hailee is satisfied with the single birth. They had been hoping for another boy for Kieran to play with, but are excited to have yet another girl running around the house.

Tailyn and Abella share their child birthday and are as close as they were as toddlers even with their different interests.

For their birthday, they each get a special gift. Tailyn gets a brand new telescope to search the stars and she spends countless hours doing so.

Abella asked for an easel and spends her evenings learning how to paint better and better. It immediately becomes clear that her love of painting will follow her through life.

Homework, on the other hand, is the bane of both girls' existence. Neither girl asks for help, trudging through their schoolwork on their own at the insistence of both of their parents. Hailee and Byron try to be good role models for them, showing their girls that they are still learning as adults.

Abella has a harder time with her homework than Tailyn, convincing their parents that her sister might have a bit of genius in her. At first, Abella does her homework in their shared room, embarrassed at her struggles.

When her homework takes her all night to do, she doesn't get back to her easel until Tailyn is heading for bed. Its then that she realizes asking for help might not be the end of the world.

Tailyn readily agrees to help Abella with her homework, and the two of them bust through faster than before. Group work is much easier, but not in the least more fun.

Byron is skyrocketing through his career now and as a result has much more time to spend with the kids. His favorite activity is helping the toddlers learn to walk, especially with Rune. She enjoys spending time with her father.

Kieran, however; doesn't learn as easy as his twin sister. Hailee spends most of her time these days teaching him to talk, but the boy is strangely silent.

As Abella and Tailyn grow older, they grow closer still, but realize that friends outside of the family isn't such a bad idea.

They invite their friend Jeremy Lancaster over to play tag one day after school, but the boy is only interested in homework so they play on their own like normal.

At night, Hailee and Byron read the girls to sleep. Sometimes the reading material isn't the best, but the girls are always interested.

They are exhausted themselves, and when the girls fall asleep they are ready to collapse as well.



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  2. Your girls are adorable! I really love that hair colour too