Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Chapter 1.5 -- #HighSchoolLife

Every afternoon after her homework is done, Tailyn heads to the local gym to exercise. Something about the the pain coursing through her legs makes her feel calm. She loves her family dearly, but the ruckus at home gets a little overwhelming from time to time. Hanging out with her sister is a lot of fun, but when Abella is at her easel, there's no getting through to her.

When Abella isn't out and about with her new friends, she's holed up in her room with her easel. Becoming a teen hasn't changed her hopes and dreams of becoming a famous artist someday and her brush strokes are becoming more refined each and every day. Painting everything from serene nature scenes to cute little cartoons, her interests are far and wide.

Besides painting and hanging out with her sister, Abella loves hanging out with her best friend Derek. The two love to frequent the local coffee shops over lunch and share good-natured jokes. While she's debatably the most popular girl in school, Abella never has anything bad to say about anyone and her friends share her viewpoints.

Their friend Melody sometimes stops by as well to catch up on the latest gossip before heading to work. Abella and Derek are no couple, but their closeness sometimes makes Melody feel like the third wheel so they try their best to include her whenever they can.

It's one of these nights when Tailyn is home alone that she gets a phone call from the star of her high school football team. Trying to hide her excitement, she agrees to meet up at the beach and the two spend the waning daylight hours swimming and talking. While not into sports herself, Tailyn does share Nickolas' love of keeping in shape and they have fun comparing their work out routines until the chill of the desert night starts to settle in.

After agreeing to a second date, they share a quick embrace before running home in order to make curfew.

Naturally, her sister is waiting up for her and the two squeal over the details of Tailyn's date. Prom is just around the corner and neither girl wants to attend stag and until now, Abella was worried her twin would have to do just that. Derek had already asked her to go as friends, and she couldn't imagine having more fun with anyone else.

When Abella fell asleep after going through all of the details a thousand times, Tailyn's stomach was still aflutter with what felt like millions of butterflies. Besides her date, the next day is her siblings birthday, and soon after that was prom. There was too many good things happening in a row! Grabbing her favorite class' textbook, she plopped into bed and read until she was solving logic puzzles in her dreams.


The next morning, the first to wake up was Parris who decided to take advantage of her child status by declaring herself Queen of the household. Shouting at the closed doors, she awaited her birthday cake.

Grumbling at the rude awakening, Kieran grabbed his slice of cake and returned to his room to search the web. The computer had been Rune's childhood birthday gift, but he hadn't shown interest in anything so his gift was due. Already preparing for the worst, he finished his breakfast and started getting ready for school.

Rune almost slept in on her first day of high school, but woke up feeling super refreshed anyway. She had an extremely positive outlook on life, and she wanted nothing to change that. The only thing that could go better would be to finally get along with her twin the way her older sister's did.

Rushing out the door minutes later to catch the bus ontime, Rune was already contemplating her next practice novel about entering high school. She'd be sure to keep her eyes and ears open for any potential stories ideas today.


UGH. Already soooo so sick of Lucky Palms that I've made up a story in order to make their move to a new town plausible. I've been setting up the new town's population and building their legacy house for a while now when I get a moment out of RL. Trying to buy a real house is taking up most of my free time unfortunately.

I think I'm going to jump aboard the band wagon of not revealing rolls until they've come to pass! Such a good idea :) This generation has met all of their goals, Perfect Careers (Byron just got level 10 of the culinary career and Hailee is level 8 in Gardening but she's maxed her skill.) and they both roll so many wishes relating to cooking certain meals or growing certain plants its ridiculous so I'll be happy when the next generation takes over and they no longer have to "live their traits". Obviously they're a couple and have 5 kids so they're golden. Next gen should be fun though :)

Monday, September 3, 2012

Chapter 1.4 -- Childhood

Kieran and Rune soon follow their sisters into childhood as Parris becomes a toddler. Kieran still doesn't talk too much as a kid, only when he needs something or pokes fun at his siblings.

He and Rune are not close at all. Kieran made sure of that from day one, making his twin's life a living hell whenever he's around.

Peace only comes at night, where the two share a bunkbed in the redone nursery. Parris' crib is still in their room, but they don't mind (too much).

The household gets a new computer which Rune claims as her own immediately. She begins to weave her own stories and uses the computer to 'write' them down.

Kieran becomes annoyed at the presence of his little sister sharing the same room, and lets it known to his parents. They ignore his complaints as that's all they ever hear these days.

Now an executive chef (9), Byron has gained a bit of celebrity status and is invited to parties across the city. He doesn't take his status seriously, making goofy poses whenever someone takes his picture.

The girls could care less about their father's status, they only care about the amazing waffles he cooks them every morning!

They try to include Rune in their games whenever they can. Kieran can be just as rude to them, but they're older and can handle it better.

Even on their teen birthday, Kieran goes out of his way to be mean to his siblings.

Each of the girls makes a wish and blows out their candles. Tailyn knows exactly what she wants and makes her wish quick.

Abella isn't as sure, and takes a bit longer to think carefully. Kieran stands behind her, pretending to be excited while his parents are watching.

The girls grow up beautifully, Abella taking on an artsy image, highlighting her hair pink while Tailyn chooses a more chick look. They have time for a slice of cake before booking it to high school.

The pair is a tad bit nervous in regards to the changes high school could bring and make an oath to always stick together. Taking one last glance at their home, the two share a wary smile and signal to the bus driver that they're ready to go.

Chapter 1.3 -- Girl Time

Parris Summit is born after a quick labor and Hailee is satisfied with the single birth. They had been hoping for another boy for Kieran to play with, but are excited to have yet another girl running around the house.

Tailyn and Abella share their child birthday and are as close as they were as toddlers even with their different interests.

For their birthday, they each get a special gift. Tailyn gets a brand new telescope to search the stars and she spends countless hours doing so.

Abella asked for an easel and spends her evenings learning how to paint better and better. It immediately becomes clear that her love of painting will follow her through life.

Homework, on the other hand, is the bane of both girls' existence. Neither girl asks for help, trudging through their schoolwork on their own at the insistence of both of their parents. Hailee and Byron try to be good role models for them, showing their girls that they are still learning as adults.

Abella has a harder time with her homework than Tailyn, convincing their parents that her sister might have a bit of genius in her. At first, Abella does her homework in their shared room, embarrassed at her struggles.

When her homework takes her all night to do, she doesn't get back to her easel until Tailyn is heading for bed. Its then that she realizes asking for help might not be the end of the world.

Tailyn readily agrees to help Abella with her homework, and the two of them bust through faster than before. Group work is much easier, but not in the least more fun.

Byron is skyrocketing through his career now and as a result has much more time to spend with the kids. His favorite activity is helping the toddlers learn to walk, especially with Rune. She enjoys spending time with her father.

Kieran, however; doesn't learn as easy as his twin sister. Hailee spends most of her time these days teaching him to talk, but the boy is strangely silent.

As Abella and Tailyn grow older, they grow closer still, but realize that friends outside of the family isn't such a bad idea.

They invite their friend Jeremy Lancaster over to play tag one day after school, but the boy is only interested in homework so they play on their own like normal.

At night, Hailee and Byron read the girls to sleep. Sometimes the reading material isn't the best, but the girls are always interested.

They are exhausted themselves, and when the girls fall asleep they are ready to collapse as well.

Chapter 1.2 -- Full House

Tailyn and Abella grow fast into toddlers. While Byron works late every night, Hailee takes it upon herself to teach them the skills they will need to know when they grow even older.

When she's not around to teach them, the girls take it upon themselves to find constructive ways of having fun. Though they share their toys with each other as in this case, Abella has more fun when she is on her xylophone, the blocks are so hard to fit in the right hole! Tailyn does like her sister's xylophone, but she can never make it sounds as pretty as her sister.

While Byron can't be there to help his children learn, he makes sure they know their daddy loves them and spends sometime cooing with them when he gets home every night.

Turns out, he isn't entirely exhausted when he gets home every night as Hailee starts to show signs of another pregnancy. Between his cooking and recipe books, he makes time to read some pregnancy books as well in order to help Hailee out in whatever way he can.

This pregnancy is easier than the first for Hailee, as she doesn't feel much back pain or morning sickness at all. This enables her to work longer hours in the garden during her toddler's naps. Due to the children taking up most of her time, she chooses to downsize her garden in hopes that the smaller quantity of better fruit will still pull in enough income to support her family.

She'd rather not have to do any laundry, but she would rather have to do laundry for the rest of her life than labor.

After what seemed like a neverending labor, the Summits are blessed with another set of twins. Kieran and Rune. 

With four children in the house, the couple decide over lunch one day that four would be enough. Money is tight once again with six mouths to feed and future bedrooms to build and decorate. Adding another child would be too difficult.

The babies share the same room as their older sisters. The nursery is big enough for all the cribs and toys they could want, but when Tailyn and Abella grow older, they would not want to share this space with their crying siblings.

Planning out their life seems to not work in their favor as Hailee starts feeling sick every morning.

Having been pregnant twice already, Hailee knows the signs. She's pregnant, with a child they cannot afford.

Byron takes the news in stride and consults his boss the next day. They offer him a hefty raise which should help out considerably around the house. Since he had to stay late to chat, he misses his youngest celebrate their toddler birthdays. Rune takes after her mother through and through.

While Kieran shares his eye and hair color with his father. While Rune is easy to please, Kieran turns out to be a little harder to deal with. Only happy with his xylophone or when his sister is crying, Hailee and Byron try not to worry.

Turns out they don't have time to do anything at all as Hailee goes into labor that very night.