Monday, September 3, 2012

Chapter 1.2 -- Full House

Tailyn and Abella grow fast into toddlers. While Byron works late every night, Hailee takes it upon herself to teach them the skills they will need to know when they grow even older.

When she's not around to teach them, the girls take it upon themselves to find constructive ways of having fun. Though they share their toys with each other as in this case, Abella has more fun when she is on her xylophone, the blocks are so hard to fit in the right hole! Tailyn does like her sister's xylophone, but she can never make it sounds as pretty as her sister.

While Byron can't be there to help his children learn, he makes sure they know their daddy loves them and spends sometime cooing with them when he gets home every night.

Turns out, he isn't entirely exhausted when he gets home every night as Hailee starts to show signs of another pregnancy. Between his cooking and recipe books, he makes time to read some pregnancy books as well in order to help Hailee out in whatever way he can.

This pregnancy is easier than the first for Hailee, as she doesn't feel much back pain or morning sickness at all. This enables her to work longer hours in the garden during her toddler's naps. Due to the children taking up most of her time, she chooses to downsize her garden in hopes that the smaller quantity of better fruit will still pull in enough income to support her family.

She'd rather not have to do any laundry, but she would rather have to do laundry for the rest of her life than labor.

After what seemed like a neverending labor, the Summits are blessed with another set of twins. Kieran and Rune. 

With four children in the house, the couple decide over lunch one day that four would be enough. Money is tight once again with six mouths to feed and future bedrooms to build and decorate. Adding another child would be too difficult.

The babies share the same room as their older sisters. The nursery is big enough for all the cribs and toys they could want, but when Tailyn and Abella grow older, they would not want to share this space with their crying siblings.

Planning out their life seems to not work in their favor as Hailee starts feeling sick every morning.

Having been pregnant twice already, Hailee knows the signs. She's pregnant, with a child they cannot afford.

Byron takes the news in stride and consults his boss the next day. They offer him a hefty raise which should help out considerably around the house. Since he had to stay late to chat, he misses his youngest celebrate their toddler birthdays. Rune takes after her mother through and through.

While Kieran shares his eye and hair color with his father. While Rune is easy to please, Kieran turns out to be a little harder to deal with. Only happy with his xylophone or when his sister is crying, Hailee and Byron try not to worry.

Turns out they don't have time to do anything at all as Hailee goes into labor that very night.


  1. If you get triplets I will laugh and enjoy every second of it. >D

    All their kids are absolutely gorgeous and I can't wait to see them grow up.

    1. A repeat of Lukas? No thank you!!! That was hard enough the first time!

      Thanks, I haven't CAS'd them (It's been really hard not to), but I have high hopes!