Thursday, July 26, 2012

Chapter 1.0 -- Dreaming Big

For Hailee Summit, life is only what you make of it, so when her husband started dreaming big after their honeymoon ended, she was quick to jump on board. Having been raised in the small farming community of Appaloosa Plains, she knew how to work hard from her long toilsome days on her family's farm. Upon arriving in Lucky Palms, a booming town centered in a desert oasis, the pair knew they had found their new home.

A charming, while small, abode at 75 Pleasent View Road had found its way into their hearts almost immediately and they were quick to sign the paperwork and move in. After unpacking what few belongings they owned, the pair went their separate ways to start chasing their dreams. While her husband was out, Hailee spent her first day setting up a garden of her very own. Her parents had sent her off with a handful of seeds in hopes she would continue the family tradition. While that was part of the reason she started her own farm, she also wished to support her husbands passion.

As soon as Byron's parents had presented him with his own toy oven as a child, he knew he had found his calling. Instead of participating in sports like the other kids his age had, he had stayed at home and tried his hardest to improve his cooking abilities. Now an adult, he has his hopes set high, aiming at owning his own restaurant.

"Byyyyyyron!" she sings as she waltzes through the front door, "You'll never guess what I did today!" Wrapping her arms around his neck, she sneaks a quick peck on her husband's cheek as he slides a bookmark into his cookbook.

"And what might that be?" he questions, playing along with her little game, "Did you, by chance, buy a guitar? Did you sign up with the secret service? How about win the lottery?"

Shaking her head, Hailee grabs Byron's hand, "No silly, I did you one better, now close your eyes!" she smiles as she leads him around back, "Don't you dare peek!"

"Feast your eyes!" she says as she sweeps her arms out to encompass the view of her garden. Looking over her shoulder, Byron grabs her into a hug,

"You started a garden?" he asks, his eyes as wide as silver dollars, "This is great! Home cooked meals made from home grown ingredients, what could be better?"

"I was thinking we could use the produce in your restaurant once you open it?" she asks, suddenly wishing she had included him in on her plan. It was his dream, who was she to go about assuming things?

"I think you mean our restaurant," he responds, sensing her unease, "and I think that's a great idea; it could be a popular selling point, not to mention a way to save some money."

Taking his hands once again, Hailee involuntarily breathes a sigh of relief, "I was hoping you'd be okay with that. Now come, I think it's about time we put you to bed. You have a long day of work ahead of you tomorrow."

"I think we have a long night ahead of us first," he teases, chasing her into their bedroom. Pinning her up against the door, the pair frantically work at undressing one another, ready to relive their honeymoon all night.

Yay! Finally started a new legacy after a four month leave. Crazy how much time has passed since I lost my attention to the Amarels.

For starters, Gen 1's roll is Couple, Farmer/Nectar Maker, Culinary, FIVE kids (ugh why do I always roll this?), Perfect Careers, and Live Your Trait. I know in the second paragraph I said Hailee's parents gave her seeds, but she started her garden with fruit harvested from the gardens around town. Just thought I'd clarify that.

I've also chosen to do the optional ten generation rule of Real Estate Powerhouse. This generation, I'm going to build a bistro or diner using Jynx's Rabbithole Doors which the family will then purchase.



  1. Great start, Maddie! Hailee and Byron are a cute couple. Good luck with 5 kids! I hate that one, lol.
    Have you been using the rabbithole doors since SHT/Patch? They haven't been updated and I've heard they've been causing crashes since the SHT patch, so I haven't had them in my game.

    1. Thanks! :) Five kids is always a pain, but I'm excited to see how these two procreate!

      I've not used the doors since the patch. I didn't even think about checking for an update! Ugh. They're sitting in my game currently, just not in use quite yet. Thanks for the info though!

  2. Awesome start! They seem like an absolutely adorable couple! I lol'ed when I saw that you rolled five kids. You always seem to get stuck with large families, haha. ;)

    As for the rabbithole doors, I've had both the doors AND the rugs installed since forever and I updated to 1.36 as soon as Diesel came out. I haven't had any weird crashing or anything, so it might just be a rumor that they cause problems. I don't know. My game is running flawlessly right now *knock on wood* so I wouldn't let the potential conflict discourage you from building your dream restaurant. Worse case scenario, you could always just make it a bar-type-restaurant using the Late Night venue types. Just an idea. =)

    I'm SO looking forward to see your new legacy! =D And yay! I'm glad you're back!!

    1. Oh, and I forgot to add: Your new blog is purdy! The quote at the top and picture... Very nice. I'm jealous!

    2. Large families are the bane of my existence! >.<

      Thanks for letting me know that the doors haven't been causing you any problems! I was definitely disheartened but now I'm excited again :) If they don't work, I'll run with your suggestion of a Late Night Venue.

      And thanks for the compliments, my blog is blushing!